I thank the Sun Journal for publishing another installment of the entertaining comedic stylings of local political humorist Mary Jane Newell (Jan. 17). In case anyone missed it, I will summarize it in a manner even her fan base can understand.

Her argument was that the First Amendment guaranteed Gov. Paul LePage the right to say whatever he wanted, no matter how offensive, but (and this is the funny part), it apparently does not guarantee the rest of us the right to criticize him.

Oh, the irony — or is it a paradox? Either way, it kept me chuckling for days.

As an aside, it is Newell who needs to “bone up on the Constitution.” The First Amendment states that Congress shall not pass any laws that will abridge the right of free speech. As to what we, the people, say to and about each other, that is really not addressed in that august document.

Barry Allen, Norway

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