This is in response to Louise Allen’s letter (Jan. 20) in support of Gov.  Paul LePage. Excuses for Gov. LePage’s inappropriate comments include that they are mere “slips of the tongue” and, now, that they are a result of his upbringing.

LePage’s verbal attacks are not inadvertent; they reflect exactly what he thinks — the president can “go to hell”; the NAACP can “kiss my butt”; at worst, toxins from plastic nursing bottles might cause “some women to have little beards.”

Those and dozens of comments reflect that the governor has no respect for those who don’t agree with him. Instead, he resorts to hurling insults.

An intelligent chief executive would be trying to build consensus, understanding that you don’t always get your way.

Did he demonstrate a high level of intelligence when he did not understand the legislative process, losing veto power over 65 bills? When he refused to issue voter approved bonds?

In a stunning show of ignorance of the political process, as well as of hypocrisy, now LePage has accused legislators who offered to negotiate on legislation of “bribery.” It was he who threatened to withhold state funds from Good Will-Hinkley School if school officials did not fire a political adversary.

If the governor is not responsible for his actions, then the real responsibility falls to supporters and political cronies who allow him to continue as he has. He is like a child, who will test the limits and not stop until forced to do so.

Jeff Christiansen, Gorham

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