I support Gov. Paul LePage and his statements about bringing back the death penalty. I have always been pro capital punishment and always will be. I wake up every day to news of heinous crimes being committed against the most vulnerable of our society.

The governor is right that people should be upset and show very little tolerance toward crime. I hear people say that studies have been conducted that show that capital punishment does not detour crime. I agree, but that has nothing to do with discouraging crime; it is about punishing criminals.

Today, with DNA testing being as good as it is and the justice system being as thorough as it is, I see no reason why capital punishment should be banned. It would be fitting for those who take a life to lose their life.

People will ask how can I think that way as a Christian. My answer to that is, how can I not think that way after studying the Bible? To me, that is the epitome of social justice.

I am not for so-called punishing people with three good meals a day, a warm place to stay, free medical attention and recreation. That should be reserved for the elderly, not criminals.

Douglas Taylor, Lewiston

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