I have friends who are in politics, but none who are politicians. The latter are beholden to lobbyists who are financed by big business, a la “what can you do for me?”

How did George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, etc., become president without wasting (yes, wasting) billions of dollars on caucuses, primaries and conventions? I would suggest an investigation into how those elections were handled and repeat it today.

Think of how those billions of dollars could benefit society, instead of using it for individual gains.

I don’t know if the majority of the public abhor watching the same political commercials over and over again. Being an independent and watching (not listening) to the same rhetoric, ad nauseum, is even worse.

The candidates promise everything, while not being able to fulfill their banter, makes it laughable, as Congress controls everything. And we know how Congress is controlled.

Unfortunately, there are eight more months of that stuff.

According to a “60 Minutes” telecast, 142 people (others pending) are donating 50 percent of their wealth for things, as they say, that the federal government neglects or supposedly can’t fund. Those are multi-millionaires/billionaires who care about this country.

Thank God I have a mute button on my TV remote so I don’t have to listen to the boring, worthless, expensive political ads.

George Ferguson, Sabattus

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