I appreciated the Sun Journal article (April 22) regarding the proposed electrical substation in East Wilton. As a direct neighbor to the property, I am very concerned.

After speaking with many neighbors, we are concerned, primarily, about two things. One is the health effects, from electromagnetic field emissions (EMFs). By doing some research, I found that many studies have shown that EMFs near substations may cause various forms of cancer, childhood leukemia and tumors.

Another concern is the devaluation of our property. Electrical substations can have a stigmatic impact on the resale value of a home.

Among other concerns, electrical substations may occasionally have what sounds like (and is) an explosion if one of the transformers in the yard blows up due to a short circuit. They may also emit a humming noise, which can be annoying if loud enough. Many substations seem to attract more lightning strikes than surrounding areas, which is, of course, loud and frightening.

While I realize that the town of Wilton and Central Maine Power Company have a lot of processes to go through, from concept to fruition, this does not allay my concerns. While not speaking for others, such as my neighbors, it is my belief that an entity such as CMP, if they want something, they eventually get it and that, too, is another concern of mine.

I look forward to hearing from CMP on the issue of a proposed substation in East Wilton.

India Adams, East Wilton

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