JAY — Vegetation along an area of Whistle Stop Trail from Mill Street north to the rail crossing on Route 4 will be spot-treated with an herbicide in late May or early June.

Joseph E. Wiley III, a state-licensed master pesticide applicator for the state, will use Garlon 4 herbicide in a mix that is 5 percent Garlon 4 and 95 percent water. He will use a four-gallon backpack sprayer to apply the mix, according to information he provided to Jay Town Manager Shiloh LaFreniere.

The herbicide inhibits enzyme formation only in plants and causes them to die. Only the foliage of unwanted plants will be selectively sprayed, according to Wiley’s information.

This chemical attaches to soil particles when the plant dies and slowly breaks down into inert products. It is not mobile or persistent in soil.

The section of trail will be closed and posted for 24 hours during and after the treatment.

The trail runs from Jay to West Farmington on a former railroad bed.

Wiley is with the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, Bureau of Parks and Lands. The routine maintenance is being conducted to control unwanted vegetation within the right of way to improve public safety.

Wiley will contact LaFreniere the week before the treatment and on the morning of the day treatment is planned to help get the word out about the project.


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