RANGELEY — Voters elected James Carignan and Shelly Lowell on Tuesday in a three-way race to serve as selectmen for the next three years.

Lowell received 207 votes; Carignan, 147; and Donald Nuttal, 136 votes.

Elected to serve three-year terms on the Park Commission were James Jannace, 194 votes; and Kash Haley, 191 votes. Incumbent Linda Henderson lost her bid for re-election with 98 votes.

Lindsey Savage received 222 votes for a two-year term on the Park Commission. 

Regional School Unit 78 Director Elizabeth Eastlack was re-elected for another three-year term with 231 votes. Richard Walker was elected with 61 votes to serve a three-year term, and Joann Chapman was elected to serve a two-year term with 65 votes. Walker and Chapman were write-in candidates.     

Matthew Holbrook was elected to serve a three-year term on the Sewer Commission with six votes. Jonathan Adkins and Brian Roy tied with four votes each for one, two-year term on the commission. All three are write-in candidates.


Ethan Shaffer received 251 votes for a two-year term on the commission.

Elected to serve three-year terms on the Rangeley Water District board of trustees were Christopher Farmer and Thomas Haggan. 

Keith Savage was elected to serve a one-year term as a trustee.

Voters will take up 48 articles at the annual town meeting at 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 16, at Rangeley Lakes Regional School.

The proposed 2016-17 town budget, not factoring in the school assessment or county tax, is proposed at $3.89 million a decrease of $74,752 or 1.88 percent less than the current budget.


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