At a ceremony on Sunday, May 29, Gould Academy presented academic awards to members of the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes and Faculty Development Awards to three faculty members.
Academic Book Prizes were presented to the following students.
Freshmen: English and History, Lilo Libby Bean; Mathematics, Minjeong “Zoe” Kim; Art, Qiao “Cindy” Li; Science, Seung Heon “David” Song.
Sophomores: English, Donovan J. McKee; History, Eva D. McMillan; Mathematics and Vocal Music, Benjamin R. Alford; Theatre, Elayna L. Harrison; Art, Zejian “Caroline” Wu; Science, Yuhang “Mercer” Chen.
Juniors: English, Zoe Libby Bean; History and Science, Ngoe K. “Haylee” Luu; Mathematics, Jialin “Sean” Xie; French, Schuyler F. A. Leff; Spanish, Eleanor L. Van Winkle; Mandarin, Matthew C. Bennett; Instrumental Music, Shuo-Heng “Oscar” Yen; Art, Kristina Sharabinskaia.
Students elected to the French National Honor Society were Valentin Besner, Qingqing “Cath” Cai, Andrew Dykstra, Nathaniel Gehrk, Noah Grammas, Isabelle Layman, Eva McMillan, Stephanie Nicols, Jialin “Sean” Xie, and Yi “Anne” Xue.
Elected to the Spanish National Honor Society were Nathaniel Baroni, Zoe Bean, Sofiya Bizyayeva, Elizabeth Diaz, Camila Goclowski, Julia Harding, William Harvey, Richard Hoge, Kiernan Huggins, Acadia Johanson-Gordet, Devin Lampman, Aidan Lear, Lindsey Lucas, Donovan McKee, Leif Olson, Sophie Sczurko, Donald Seib, Henry Stark, William Wisdom.
Matthew C. Bennett received the Rensselaer Award, given annually in some 1,000 selected secondary schools in the country to the junior with the highest combined average in science and mathematics.
The Bausch & Lomb Science Award recognizes a top member of the junior class for “outstanding academic achievement and superior intellectual promise in the field of science.” This year’s recipient was Noah A. Carrier.
Kristina Sharabinskaia received the Art Department Purchase Award. A piece of her artwork has been selected by the faculty from the annual student exhibition to be purchased and permanently displayed at the school.
The Dartmouth Alumni Book Club Award is given to an outstanding junior who ranks in the top ten percent of the class; demonstrates strong character; has made a positive contribution to the school community; and is a candidate for admission to a competitive college or university. This year the award was presented to Jialin “Sean” Xie.
Xie also received the Princeton Book Award, recognizing strength of character, exceptional leadership and superior academic and extracurricular achievement.
Hayli D. Poisson received the St. Lawrence University Book Award, given annually to recognize the achievements of high school juniors who have displayed a significant commitment to community service.
Poisson also received the Edmond J. Vachon Award, created in honor of Vachon, who joined the Gould faculty in 1940, and became Senior Master in 1941, Associate Headmaster in 1954, and Headmaster in 1959. The award is given to a member of the junior class who exemplifiesoutstanding contribution to the school and achievement in the community.
Eleanor L. Van Winkle was awarded the College of the Atlantic Book Award, which recognizes “a community-minded citizen who is a passionate steward of change in our social, economic, and environmental systems, and who, perhaps, seems to intuitively grasp the interconnections between these three ways of understanding the world.”
The Smith College Book Award, given to an outstanding female junior who exemplifies the academic achievement, leadership qualities, and concern for others that characterize the thousands of women who have graduated from Smith College, was awarded to Kimberly L. Drew.
The Saint Michael’s College Award for Scholarship and Service recognizes outstanding students who demonstrate a commitment to volunteerism and leadership in their community service and endeavors. This year’s recipients were Zoe L. Bean and Kiernan D. Huggins.
A Phi Beta Kappa certificate was presented to Qingqing “Cath” Cai for having demonstrated adherence to high academic standards in a broad range of studies in secondary school and intellectual curiosity and achievement both in and beyond the classroom.
Grace E. Schierwagen received the Carolyn S. Wollen Award, created by Headmaster Emeritus and Mrs. William P. Clough III in honor of Wollen, who served on the Gould Academy Board of Trustees from 1985 until 2007. The award honors a sophomore girl who reveals leadership potential through personal example and engages fully in school life.
Faculty Development Awards
In recognition of his high academic and personal standards that engender respect from students and encourage them to succeed, History Dept. Chair Brad Clarke received the Dexter M. Stowell Faculty Development Award. This fund was established in October 2008 in honor of Stowell, Valedictorian of the Class of 1946, by his wife, family, friends, professional colleagues,and fraternity brothers, in support of professional development opportunities for classroom teachers at Gould Academy.
The Philip C. Rau Faculty Development Award was presented to Adam Leff, chair of the World Languages Dept. Established in 1999 in honor of Rau, a member of the Gould Academy Class of 1986, by his family and friends, the award recognizes Leff’s dedication, hard work, creative approach to instruction, and love for guiding teenagers.
Kurt Simard, Competition Program Director and Director of On Snow Programs, received the B. Lowell Kronowitz Faculty Development Award in recognition of his passion, service, and unfailing commitment to the field of education. The award, established by Kronowitz, a member of the Gould Academy Class of 1981, supports the professional and personal development activities of Gould faculty members, including but not limited to academic course work, individualized research, summer travel, and non-traditional experiential pursuits.

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