According to Kristal Flagg, town manager of Livermore Falls (Sun Journal, June 16), voters rejected certain warrant articles because they believed in “fictitious figures based on rumors, not facts.”

I, for one, think it is rather distasteful that Flagg finds those who voted the articles down to be know-nothings, and it is a bit imperious on her part. Perhaps those who voted “no” did so because they think saving $7,000 is nothing compared to closing the town office one full day a week. Or, could it be those voters are concerned about where the money will come from this year after the town had to rob the rainy day fund last year to stay even?

Maybe, and this is certainly a wild thought, they were thinking ahead about the upcoming fire station costs. Who knows, but according to the town manager, it is not the voters, that is for sure.

Scott Roberts, Livermore

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