Those of us who went into the military witnessed how the gluttonous government wastes tax dollars.

I came from a family of 12, with an average of seven children living at one time with mom and dad. There was no such thing as unemployment compensation back then. Things we needed were made right here in the U.S.A. Immigrants coming here came here to give, not receive. Disciplinary action was to bank one-third of your pay (which wasn’t much) to save for the future.

There was very little technology, no robots, no remote controls, no lap-top computers. Somehow, we managed. We didn’t dwell on poverty.

People need to focus more on their ancestry, more on the older times and less on technology.

So, is it fair for me to say that most politicians today are a bunch of frauds who will say anything to remain in power?

Millions of people play the lottery, hoping to win big and live the American dream. Guess what, the government doesn’t have to invest a penny, yet it gets about one-third of the winnings.

So, please pay responsibly. The government is very appreciative.

Joe Voisine, North Monmouth

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