In the aftermath of numerous successful attempts in assassinating law enforcement officers, I am totally convinced that there is a serious epidemic of vengeful individuals committing unjustified terrorist attacks, many of which influenced by that cancer of evilness — ISIS.

The United States has become a target of terrorists. The government has yet to come up with an effective defense against that violence. In the meantime, police officers continue to serve and protect.

Living in a world under siege from terrorists puts Americans in a vulnerable position. It is imperative that security agencies alert local law enforcement officials immediately of any suspected dangers from terrorists, and do more to apprehend suspicious characters entering the United States, including closer inspection for false credentials or ties to terrorists already in the country.

During his eight years in office, President Barack Obama has failed the American people. He has failed to improve corrupted governments in a world that generations to come will be forced to survive — a world of terrorism.

The people must choose a new president, one who is trustworthy, who can be believed. Otherwise, we will continue living in a world under siege.

Robert Lacombe, Lewiston

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