I cannot sit idle after reading some of the thoughts in Ellen Field’s letter (July 19) and Roland Melendy (July 21).

Field stresses that many tax-exempt fundamentalist churches promote bias, intolerance and right-wing politics, with no mention that there are left-wing churches doing likewise, such as the orations of Barack Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Wright. In believing and calling Donald Trump immoral, I suggest she examine Hillary Clinton’s character.

Melendy would do well not to take the Southern Poverty Law Center’s reports as wholly factual, such as citing their article that some foreign students are carrying birth certificates or Social Security cards to school in fear of deportation.

Really? Neither of those identify them as being in this country legally, so why are they not carrying their passport with its student visa that verifies their status and which is not a green card entitling them to be in the work force?

John R. Davis, South Paris

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