DEAR SUN SPOTS: How do they pick the ball girls on the left and right sides of the field and the ball boys? Are they paid? And are there different people for the different home games? Thanks in advance for all you do. You surely help me out. — Pulpman, Peru.

ANSWER: Assuming you are referring to Major League Baseball, then yes, bat boys and ball girls do receive salaries for their work. How much seems to be determined by individual teams and some reports suggest they average less than minimum wage, but enjoy perks that still make the job attractive — like opportunities to meet players and keep MLB gear they wear during the game.

Like most jobs, there is an application process for becoming either a ball girl or a bat boy. Teams who employ either usually hire multiple applicants to fill the positions. So there may be different people you see on the field during different home games, but throughout a season, you’re likely to see the same person at that position multiple times.

While teams hire a crew of ball boys for the season’s home games, the home team is also responsible for providing the visiting team with ball boys. These ball boys typically change from game to game and are sometimes filled with “celebrity” guests — like a player’s child, for instance.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Wow! What a response. My offer of three string trimmer batteries in your Thursday, Aug. 18, column has resulted in an incredible number of telephone calls. The trimmer batteries are gone. I could not reply to all the telephone calls, many of which would have resulted in toll call charges.

The response clearly illustrates the need for this product, no longer available in stores. Other sources to try are online avenues such as Amazon and related online retailers, as well as various sell or swap online sites.  

Thank you, Sunspots, for such a great column and thanks to all who telephoned inquiring about the batteries. — Janet, No Town.

ANSWER: Sun Spots was happy to help you give away you string trimmer batteries, now let’s hope Sun Spots can help stop your phone from ringing.


DEAR SUN SPOTS: Volunteers are needed to help with the Sumner Scholarship Bottle Drive being held on Saturday, Sept.10. Volunteers will be driving around Sumner between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Please leave your bagged bottles and cans by your mail box for easy pickup. You may also leave your bottles at the town office anytime. Free bags are available at the Town Office. If you have any questions, please call Lee at 388-2181 or Arlene at 388-2276. The scholarships are awarded each year to Sumner residents. Applications are available on the Sumner town website. — Arlene, Sumner.

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