This is in response to Dave Griffiths’ letter (Aug. 26). He wrote that many spineless Republican statesmen will not oppose Donald Trump. I will share what spinelessness is.

It is a president who draws red lines all over the place, then caves in when the enemy laughs at him and violates those “lines” over and over again.

It is a Hillary Clinton, who refused to send the security increase that the embassy in Benghazi so desperately needed and, as a result, was responsible for the lives of the ambassador, members of the staff and U.S. soldiers defending the embassy. Crooked Clinton won’t even hold a press conference because she will be asked questions. Oh, the horror. She supports Barack Obama’s policy of admitting Syrian refugees. As of Aug. 26, there were 52 Christians refugees, while the rest of the 10,126 were Muslims. Being a Christian myself, I find that obscene. But anyone who saw the documentary “Obama 2016” will understand.

I used to be a Democrat who got my news from the mass media before cable television. Then, I started looking at Fox News and quickly realized that I was getting important information that was not mentioned on other mainstream media. That political bias has grown worse through the years until now everyone knows how the mainstream media have tilted far left.

Griffiths criticizes Gov. Paul LePage. Well, the people of Maine don’t think he is so bad, otherwise they wouldn’t have re-elected him.

But, then again, with left-wing donkeys it is all about whether one sounds good, but ignores substance.

Cornelius Swanton, Rangeley

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