It is my great pleasure to speak out loudly and enthusiastically about Lisa Keim, a candidate for the Maine Senate seat in District 18.

For 15 years I have witnessed her character. She is a woman of rare integrity.

She cherishes the bounties that this large, diverse state provides. She has called me many mornings, inviting me to go mountain climbing in time to watch the sunrise. Or, to drive up north and float on the river at the Forks in Jackson, or to climb, for the hundredth time, our favorite little beauty, Tumbledown Mountain.

As we watch the stars emerge over a backyard fire, we have discussed “how life should be.” I have marveled at her unique ability to be compassionate toward those with different viewpoints without compromising her core belief that Maine is a unique and beautiful state that needs to be protected, utilized respectfully and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Paula Kazarosian, Carthage

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