An article in the Sun Journal (Sept. 20) gave accounts of a the horrific stabbing of Cpl. Michael Dumond of the Lewiston Police Department while officers were attempting to take Jonathan Order into custody for strangulation against his girlfriend. After a standoff with police, Order now sits in jail with a charge of attempted murder, among other charges.

The article described events as they unfolded, according to the police affidavit and the victim’s accounts. For many, the details provided of extreme violence both against Cpl. Dumond and the victim (a girlfriend of Order) were hard to read and harder to imagine. Although referred to as “choking” in the article, the victim actually endured strangulation. Such examples of domestic violence happen daily in this community.

Maine sees strangulation at high rates. In a 2011 study published by the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence, it was found that during a three-month period, 73 percent of victims surveyed reported being strangled by their abuser.

As the domestic violence resource center, Safe Voices hears accounts similar to what was mentioned in that article every single day.

We appreciate the dedication of the Lewiston Police Department in protecting victims of domestic violence. Law enforcement is crucial to an effective, coordinated response in the work to end to domestic violence.

Anyone who is affected by domestic violence can call the Safe Voices 24-hour helpline at 1-800-559-2927.

Elise Johansen, executive director, Safe Voices

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