This is in reference to the story “Trying to protect Kennedy Park gazebo from vandals” (Sept. 22). I have utilized the gazebo for more than 15 years. I have always said that the gazebo needs to have more use by church groups, civic organizations and musical groups. If it is not used for good things, only bad things will take place there.

It is very sad to see the vagrancy and vandalism that takes place in Kennedy Park, especially since it is right across the street from City Hall and diagonally across from the Lewiston police station. All summer long, the police respond to incidents in the park.

I used the gazebo every Friday night from June to August to preach the word of God. I have witnessed fights, indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, drug use and a good old melee involving more than 20 people on one occasion.

I watch people from the soup kitchen (Trinity Jubilee) eat from foam containers and drop them on the ground after their last bite. The Public Works Department is in that park almost every day, trying its best to keep things looking good but many times to no avail.

The gazebo should be taken down and moved to Pettingill Park, where hard-working, tax-paying families would appreciate it and take good care of it.

A large dumpster could replace the gazebo in Kennedy Park just fine. There are already plenty of lighting and cameras in the park. Remove the gazebo.

Douglas Taylor, Lewiston

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