I support Elijah Breton for Maine House District 65. I was fortunate to be home when he was canvassing the neighborhood and he was gracious enough to join me for dinner. I was instantly impressed by his warm and thoughtful personality, as well as his progressive vision for Maine.

He cares about the issues that matter and has a passion to move Maine in the right direction.

He sees the disconnect between job seekers and local businesses and wants to bridge that gap with crucial training programs.

He understands that, with the closing of many of Maine’s mills, expanding more sustainable industries, such as solar energy and biomass fuels, could be a tremendous boon to Maine’s well-being and economic outlook by creating good jobs.

Breton will fight to make schools in the district stronger by ensuring they receive the funding they need.

It is time to stop talking and start acting.

Eric Rohrbach, New Gloucester

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