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petition   inhabitants   majority   ensure   naturalized   polling place register  registrar    higher court

Facts and Details: Literal Meaning
1. Why did suffragists stop working for the vote during the Civil War?
2. Why did suffragists object to the way the 14th Amendment was worded?
3. What was Susan B. Anthony arrested for doing?
4. Why do people say that her trial was unfair?

T/F&Why: Circle each of these statements to mark it True or False. Then quote a few words from the text showing Why you chose that answer:
T F 1. Suffragists supported the Union side in the war.
T F 2. Abolitionists were confident that Southern states would agree to let women vote.

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Answer key

Facts and Details


1. They felt it was more patriotic to concentrate on the war effort.

2. It was the first time men, rather than just citizens, were given specific rights.

3. Voting.

4. The judge decided before the trial and wouldn’t let the jury vote.

T/F&Y: 1 T 2 F 3 T

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