Through diligent work of our forefathers, we all have the right to vote. I am polling many of my friends and the consensus seems to be that most are undecided. What a surprise.

Were and are political parties necessary? They seem to be tearing this country apart as the rest of the world watches the political battle rage on — boringly. There must be an unease in every country’s opinion.

I find it amazing, in a country of some 350 million people, that there are only two real choices for president. Staunch supporters of each political party will vote their party line.

As an independent, I am proud not to be associated with either major party. The presidency is a thankless job, never being fully right or wrong with the decisions made.

I might not vote, so that no one can blame me for a regrettable choice.

What it might come down to is people voting for the lesser of two evils — a sad state of affairs for the greatest country in the world.

God help us.

George Ferguson, Sabattus

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