The anti-wind power people seem focused on their “back yards” and a fear of losing tourism in Maine due to “spoiled” views.

The larger “view” is the health of this planet and the future of children and grandchildren.

People need to watch the news, read the newspaper. This planet is in trouble. Sea levels are rising, the oceans are warming, storms are more violent and flooding and droughts more severe due to global warming.

The cod fishing industry is history. Lobstering will follow. Massachusetts lobstermen are hard pressed to maintain their livelihood because the lobsters are moving north. Additionally, elevated carbon dioxide in seawater, producing carbonic acid, interferes with the lobsters ability to develop healthy shells. Mackerel have moved north, leaving puffins to starve. Evidence is endless.

Please stop complaining about backyard views when, ultimately, it’s our children’s future at stake. Doing nothing now to curb greenhouse gasses will make global warming irreversible by 2050.

We can take a small step in the right direction by building wind turbines in Dixfield and keep more fossil fuels in the ground. Dixfield’s action will not save the planet but we can do our part. Thirty-five years from now, we could tell the grandchildren how we were part of the solution. Drilling and fracking will never solve environmental issues. Oil spills are common. Pipelines fail.

There are no wind spills. Green energy will help.

I hope Dixfield residents will vote to repeal the wind ordinance and invoke DEP standards on Nov. 8.

Don Lutick, Dixfield

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