BUCKFIELD — Giving her treasurer’s report for the first quarter of the fiscal year, Town Manager Cindy Dunn told selectmen Tuesday night that everything is in order.

She said revenues are 25 percent above normal because the town receives large payments in the first quarter. These include contracts with other towns for services from the Fire and Rescue departments.

“Cash flow is a little lower right now but that’s the norm. Tax bills just went out,” Dunn said, adding she received some payments Tuesday.

The fund balance stands at $572,349, which is roughly $48,000 above target.

“We’re all good there with the fund balance,” Dunn said. “Everything is in order all the way through.”

The interest for the trust funds continue to climb slowly, she said.


“I am going to be moving the library anonymous trust reserve from the reserve funds and putting them over onto the trust side, that way it’s clear: Like any other trust, you don’t touch the principal,” Dunn said.

At their last meeting, selectmen had to transfer money from a library reserve to bring the anonymous trust fund up to its required principal after money was spent from the principal on mold remediation and shelving for books.

Other highlights of the treasurer’s report include:

• 95 percent of the assessing/tax maps budget has been spent, because the majority of expenses occur during the first quarter of the fiscal year.

• 0 percent has been spent thus far on General Assistance, because these expenditures have decreased over the past couple of years.

* 8 percent of the Public Works Complex budget has been spent and only 12 percent for the Public Works equipment. These accounts are underbudget because the $10,000 to replace the heating system and planned equipment upgrades will take place during the second quarter, respectively.


* 96.7 percent of property owners paid their taxes for 2015-16 as of Oct. 12. The first half of the 2016-17 tax bills is due Nov. 15, and the second half by May 15, 2017.

* The four-year average for excise tax collection is up 1.06 percent because of  higher-priced vehicles people are buying, Dunn said.

Selectmen tabled accepting the financial report until they had a chance to review it closer.

In other news, selectmen accepted two bids from McNeil Farms Inc. in Hartford: $200 for a forklift and $200 for a sander.

Selectmen directed Dunn to try to sell the Ford Tonneau cover and extra culverts that did not have bids.


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