What has happened to America’s allegiance to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? No longer do we share a commitment to truth, fairness and integrity. Fifty percent of the citizenry is caught up in defending one or the other of two presidential candidates, neither of whom are fit for the office. The rest are shaking their heads, wondering if it’s worth voting for the lesser of two evils once again.

It goes beyond Republicans and Democrats. Both parties have shown their corruption and complete disinterest in the welfare of the people of this country, having sold out cheaply to business interests. We have turned our backs on liberty and justice out of an excess of fears fed to us daily by berserk media hype.

We fear each other and have a knee-jerk revulsion of anyone slightly different from ourselves. Politicians, talk show hosts, and blow-hard journalists have convinced us “the other guy” is rending the fabric of American life.

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison would not believe that anyone with a smattering of brain cells would fall for the propaganda fed to us daily, but the dumbing-down of America has been easily accomplished. Free-thinkers are a rarity these days.

Facts no longer concern us. In fact we distrust and revile the truth-tellers, swearing the emperor has a stunning new wardrobe.

Americans have forgotten who they are.

Andrew Tasker, Lewiston

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