FARMINGTON — They whirled and twirled around the downtown on the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

A group of women from Strong and Kingfield who call themselves Witchy Women joined forces with Healthy Community Coalition staff Monday under the direction of Sue Jones to dance at area banks and businesses.  

With their witch costumes highlighted in pink, they danced the Witch Dance and Monster Mash on Halloween.

“The group of local women came together to show our support,” Jones said. “As women, we are all in this together.”

Some women asked the coalition about doing something special in recognition of the month, Janis Walker, program manager, said.

Usually on the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, “we do a grand finale so this year it is about dancing and bringing awareness to shoppers and staff in local businesses,” she said.


The coalition gets funding through a Susan G. Komen grant to help women who need mammograms and or who need a primary care doctor, Walker said.

Staff will help schedule mammograms and provide funding for transportation to the appointment, she said.

“We try some unique ways to reach women,” Walker said.

The first time staff reached out with breast cancer support from the coalition van, parked at Farmington Fair, a woman who had a lump stopped for services. She had quit her job to take care of an elderly parent and did not have health insurance. Walker said the staff helped get her care started the very next day and the woman is now fine, she said.

Two women approached the staff downtown Monday for more information. By midafternoon, a third woman had called to say she saw the group and was reminded she needed a mammogram, Walker said.

The group from the Kingfield-Strong area gathered Oct. 22 to dance in the Kingfield Ghost Walk led by Jones and her daughter, Abigail Howell.

For more information about breast cancer or help with mammograms, call Walker at the Healthy Community Coalition at 207-779-2750.

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