This is in response to news about a 10-car accident in York earlier in October.

The choice of lowering the age to 16 when people can drive has proven to be a bad idea. There are too many accidents. When a town has to put up special signs to remind young drivers how to drive — “Don’t text and drive” — you know that is not a good thing.

How many teenagers have to die? How many good drivers have to get injured or die?

Enough is enough. Responsibility, maturity and age are necessary before an individual should be allowed to get on the road in a vehicle.

And why do the media minimize such accidents? The reporting goes, “It could have been worse” or “No life-threatening injuries.” And then there is no more publicity.

A 10-car accident happened because of a cellular phone.

The age limit should be raised to at least 18, maybe older. The roads will be safer that way.

Sybilla Pettingill, Lisbon Falls

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