On Nov. 8, Dixfield residents will be asked to vote once again on the subject of wind towers. The vote has come up before. For six years, Dixfield has struggled with the idea of developing an ordinance that would address all aspects of wind power.

The vote this time will decide what agency will be in control of the rules governing wind towers located in Dixfield and who will control disciplinary action if the towers are in violation of a town ordinance. Should it be local officials? Is it feasible for the town to become the middle man for disputes against wind energy? With threats already made of lawsuits and questions on who will pay the lawyers’ fees and court costs, is it a wise move for the town to develop an ordinance?

If decisions concerning wind towers are to be made by Dixfield officials, there could be negative feedback against townspeople who are sitting on town boards, including those who are neighbors, as they attempt to do what the voters want or not. It is and will continue to be an ongoing, no-win situation.

The current ballot question asks for approval of going without an ordinance and allowing the state Department of Environmental Protection to govern a wind farm in Dixfield (as it does in neighboring towns).

Dixfield residents who agree should vote “yes” on the ballot question that addresses wind towers.

Susan Holmes, Dixfield

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