FARMINGTON — A Freeman Township man pleaded guilty Monday to sexually molesting a child under age 16 in March.

Justin Robinson, 21, entered an Alford plea to a Class C charge of unlawful sexual contact charge. It means he doesn’t admit guilt but acknowledges that if the state presented the evidence to a jury, it could result in a conviction.

The state dismissed a misdemeanor charge of unlawful sexual touching in the plea deal.

The maximum punishment on a conviction on the sexual contact charge is five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

If the case had gone to trial, the child would testify that Robinson gave the child a ride home from a church event and invited the child to watch a movie at his residence, Assistant District Attorney Claire Andrews said.

A parent gave permission for the child to go with Robinson and watch the movie. The child fell asleep and woke up to Robinson’s sexual abuse.


The child eventually told a parent and police were called.

Franklin County Detective Kenneth Charles conducted an investigation and arrested Robinson.

A sentencing hearing will be held Dec. 16 at Franklin County Superior Court.

The agreement is for a three-year sentence, with all but nine months suspended, with the latter being the cap of time to serve in jail, Andrews said.

Andrews and defense attorney George Hess will argue for the amount of time Robinson will spend in jail at the hearing.

Upon Robinson’s release from jail, he will be on three years of probation.

Robinson would be prohibited from contact with the victim and parent. He also would not be able to have contact with children under age 16 while on probation.

He also would have to undergo sex offender counseling and register as a sex offender for 25 years, Andrews said.

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