I am a bit of a pot stirrer. I sometimes push the envelope. I walk a little too close to the edge. Those who know me would undoubtedly agree to that self-description.

It was Election Day and I was running late; curling my hair had taken priority. The campaign-oriented T-shirt that I had wanted to wear, showing support for my candidate, was not an option. Maine law forbids voters, candidates or attendees from displaying any form of support for candidates while at the polls.

The T-shirt sat there, tempting me to push the envelope, stir the pot, but, more so, to exercise my American right to freedom of speech. I felt the law was unjust. I was not trying to influence voters or push my opinion on others.

Knowing the law, I needed to come up with an idea allowing me to show support, yet remain within the law. Coming to mind was last year’s hand painted Fourth of July shorts that some might say was a deplorable representation of the American flag.

I gathered supplies from my studio and quickly went to work. Twenty minutes later and happy with the results, I took a quick selfie, posted it to Facebook and off I went.

Feeling confident, like I found some loophole in the law, I strutted across the parking lot to the polls with “Make America Great Again” stenciled on the seat of my pants.

Apparently, it worked.

Gina Hinckley, Rumford

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