Just when America thought that this dirtiest of campaigns was finally over, out came the youthful disenchanted, filling the streets and rioting under the name of protesting.

Carrying signs declaring that “Love trumps Hate” while rioting and destroying at the same time is beyond deplorable. It is unbelievable and shows the glaring hypocrisy of the liberal left who reserve the right to be intolerant when it fits their needs, while labeling those on the right as intolerant, uneducated bigots and racists.

How many of the spoiled brats, costing the public dollars in damages every day over a lost election, are the offspring of the progressive left — a generation that never was told “no” and grew up with a sense of entitlement?

President Obama and Hillary Clinton could exit gracefully and maybe even redeem themselves in a small way by addressing the nationwide unrest. While liberals don’t know it, because Trump supporters went about their lives and played by the rules, many of us have felt disenchanted during their tenure as well.

As for redeeming themselves, I am not holding my breath.

Jerry Hume, Turner

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