Outgoing President Barack Obama has had the ability to speak and charm. His speeches were eloquent, especially when using the teleprompter. He could probably sell ice cubes to Eskimos.

That is why he was able to pull the wool over so many people’s eyes. If his gift had been used for better objectives, it would have been admirable.

His book title was “The Audacity of Hope,” and when he ran for office he used the slogan “Hope and Change.” It might well have been “The Audacity of Hope and Change.” His promises were deceiving as he did not say what “change” meant.

The biased media allowed Obama to get away with so many things, lies and his associations with the corrupt Chicago politicians, ACORN, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers — who both showed outward signs of hating America.

Obama told numerous lies about the unaffordable “Obamacare” but it was Jonathan Gruber who said it was the lack of transparency and the stupidity of the voters that helped pass the bill.

Obama bargained for releases of Gitmo detainees, but some have come back against the U.S. He has released more drug offenders than the 10 previous presidents combined.

Putting Judeo-Christian principles aside, he had religious statues covered before he spoke at the University of Notre Dame. His speech seemed more prone to pleasing the regime in Iran.

His progressive party is regressing, heading toward socialism.

Looking back at Obama’s deplorable tenure accents multiple misdeeds and his non-accomplishments.

Neil Bourgoin, Jay

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