I am just beginning to adjust to what happened on Election Day. While it was happening, I truly thought I was going to be ill. I suspect that I had a lot of company. Not that I want to blame the media, but given all the reassurances and supposed expert knowledge, they truly got it wrong.

Regardless of the many reasons being given about what/how it happened, I am still baffled, given all the visible outward signs, by what brought people to vote for Donald Trump?

I am, however, trying very hard to heal and give time a chance to see what happens now. I, like many, am praying that things do not go as negatively as expected. I pray for divine intervention. Understand, however, I am still afraid. People shouldn’t be feeling that way about what has been such a very reasonable process for decades.

I pray that God helps enlighten the new president-elect and elected representatives, new and old, and instill in them the wisdom to do the right things on the people’s behalf. Part of me realizes that may well be a tall order, but I am talking about God here.

Understand that I am really trying to believe what I have just suggested. I need to try to get through this and it is my hope that, by having written it down, I will be able to get through actual events as they unfold.

God help me.

Marc Jalbert, Lewiston

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