SABATTUS — The Board of Selectmen on Tuesday continued discussions on the land discrepancy between Darwin Webster and the towns of Sabattus and Greene.

Webster currently owns a 1.89-acre parcel in Greene and .24 of an acre in Sabattus that he purchased in 2003.

In a recent survey and subsequent deed search, it was discovered that the land was granted to Sabattus in 1984 by the late Louis W. Wallcroft.

Selectmen Michelle Ames said the town should keep the land, based on principle and duty, while Selectman JP Curran suggested the town turn the parcel over to Webster.

Chairman Mark Duquette agreed with Ames, saying Webster will still have use of the land because it’s town property open to public use.

Ames made a motion for the town to keep the land and negotiate with Webster about repayment of taxes he has already paid on the property. The motion passed.


Town Manager Tony Ward will schedule a meeting with Webster prior to the next selectmen meeting and come to the board with a resolution.

Ward and Duquette attended the Regional School Unit 4 board meeting on Nov. 30, when the local funding formula was discussed. The current formula is based 50 percent on student population from each town and 50 percent on property valuation.

It was proposed to change it to 40 percent student population and 60 percent property valuation, at the suggestion of some Litchfield residents.

Ward said the 40/60 formula would raise Sabattus’ share of the budget by about $27,000. The school board voted 6-1 to keep the local funding at 50/50.

According to Police Chief Gary Baillargeon, the District Attorney’s Office is requiring municipalities to upload criminal and civil investigations into a database and the town’s internet connection is not equipped to handle it.

Ward researched vendors and considered the speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness and decided that Time Warner offered the best package at $350 per month, as opposed to $23 per month the town currently pays.


The installation fee will be waived, Ward said, adding that the town can absorb the additional $1,800 in costs for now. This expenditure will be figured into the town’s annual budget in the upcoming fiscal year.

The board approved the renewal of the liquor license and special amusement permit by American Legion Post 135. The permit will go to the state for review.

The board approved allowing Marc Tardiff, property owner of 62 Waterman Drive, to have less than a 25-foot setback for his property.

In other business:

• Patrolman Richard Stanton was promoted to detective sergeant;

• Richard Lacombe and Mark Duquette were sworn in as selectmen;


• Michelle Ames was elected chairman of the Board of Selectmen;

• Mark Duquette was elected vice chairman of the Board of Selectmen;

• Nancy Provost was sworn in as RSU4 director;

• David Gilbert and Nick Gayton were sworn in as members of the town budget committee; and

• Jeff Baril was sworn in as trustee to the Sanitary District and Water Division.

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