What a strange and beautiful alliance of Native Americans and veterans, meeting on the plains of North Dakota to bring a halt to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline project.

I have to agree with the “water protectors” that everything about the harvesting, transport and usage of crude oil is a lose-lose proposition for everyone on this planet and especially for future generations of citizens who will not look back kindly, much less gratefully, on our greedy and contentious ways.

Not only must we demand of our politicians to look beyond their own prosperity and power to the intimate connectedness humans share throughout the globe and the limited time there is to rein in wasteful, unjust and polluting practices, but individuals and families must help each other learn better ways to use the tools immediately available to us (recycle, insulate, carpool, consume wisely, share meals, etc.) for healthier and happier lifestyles.

Next Nov. 11 there will be extra incentive for us all to celebrate Veterans Day, and remember all the braves who met at Standing Rock.

Greg Boardman, Lewiston

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