NORWAY — The Board of Selectmen recently received an update from Town Manager David Holt on the status of a committee to review how the town regulates marijuana establishments and social clubs.

During a public hearing on Nov. 17, the Board of Selectmen voted 2-3 not to ask voters to approve a moratorium on retail marijuana establishments and social clubs.

Chairman Russell Newcomb said during the public hearing that while he was not in favor of a moratorium, he thought the board ought to form a committee to start discussing how the town regulates retail marijuana establishments and social clubs.

During the Dec. 15 board meeting, Selectman Thomas Curtis asked Holt whether there was any progress on forming the committee.

Holt told Curtis that “nothing has happened since the public hearing where the moratorium was not voted through.”

“I think one of the worrisome parts (about forming a committee) is that we haven’t seen the state’s rules,” Holt said. “I’m apprehensive about putting forth the effort until we know what the state sets for rules.”

Holt suggested that if the town were to start a committee it “should start with the state rules” as a baseline, and then “depending on what (the state) says, you can make things more restrictive for Norway.”

He added, “The committee could talk about general things that you don’t want to see in the town, such as a marijuana establishment near the Rowe (Elementary) School and things of that nature.”

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