America’s Founding Fathers, with intention of guidance, started each of their sessions with prayer, inviting God to interact. They thought so much of that power that they formed the U.S. Constitution around it.

Billy Graham once said, “No matter how advanced its progress, any civilization that neglects its spirituality and moral life is going to disintegrate. This is the history of mankind, and it is still our problem today.”

Theodore Roosevelt said, “When you educate a man in mind and not in morals, you educate a menace to society.”

Today’s society needs more moral absolutes, but people refuse to live by them. Through the years, American society and culture has evolved and now accepts lifestyles and beliefs that were once deemed immoral and unacceptable.

That evolution has resulted in higher rates of crime, wars, retrogression, personal doubt, atheism, depravity, drug abuse, idolatry, godless intellectualism and immersion into materialism.

It is time to find a more prosperous and happier meaning to people’s lives by conducting themselves with a different point of view through an enlightening change — a turn away from moral depravity that will bring forth a better life and future. To do that, people have to turn down their modernistic arrogance and acknowledge their mistakes while finding love for themselves and all others.

It is through striving for higher morals that people will achieve that shared love. May that new-found peace be shared by everyone.

Neil Bourgoin, Jay

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