NORWAY — The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously Thursday evening to dedicate the crosswalk in front of Guy E. Rowe School on Main Street to Terry Cram, the beloved, longtime head custodian and crossing guard who passed away in December.

They also tasked Town Manager David Holt with getting a memorial plaque to place near the crosswalk.

Holt said that he received a phone call from the parent of a student at Guy E. Rowe School who “was very appreciative of the work of Terry Cram.”

Cram, who lived in South Paris, worked at Guy E. Rowe School as head custodian for many years and was the crossing guard, frequently dressing up in costumes for holidays and other events.

“I’ve never heard of naming a crosswalk after someone in my experience as a town manager,” Holt told the board. “I promised her I would bring it before you guys. I think some recognition of Terry’s dedication and many years of good service would be appropriate, whether it’s naming the crosswalk after him, or getting a plaque to put at the crosswalk.”

Chairman Russell Newcomb said several people have mentioned something similar to him since Cram’s passing.


“I’ve never heard of naming a crosswalk either, but we name bridges, and we name squares. I’m not really sure of the process, but I, for one, think it would be a fine thing to do,” he said.

Newcomb suggested that the board work with the school to come up with an exact name for the crosswalk, and added that Holt should look into creating a plaque to place near the crosswalk that recognizes his years of service.

“He was adored by kids for a long time, and he was a fine, upstanding member of the school department,” Newcomb said. “I think his family would appreciate it.”

In other business, the board voted to extend a moratorium on major construction, renovation or change-of-use projects in four villages in North Norway for another 180 days.

At the 2016 annual town meeting, voters approved a 180-day moratorium on such developments in four designated rural villages:

• Swift’s Corner — The area around the four-way intersection of Morse Road, Norway Center Road, Patch Mountain Road and Round the Pond Road;


• Noble’s Corner — The area around the intersection of Greenwood Road and Round the Pond Road;

• Norway Center — The area around the intersection of Norway Center Road and Morrill Road; and

• Chapel District — The area around the four-way intersection of Wiley Road, French Road, Dunn Road and Morse Road.

The moratorium does not restrict home-based businesses, as defined in the Site Plan Review Ordinance, residential development or agricultural businesses.

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