The Associated Press article, “2016 Hottest Year on Record” (Sun Journal, Jan. 19), was highly misleading.

The article stated that NOAA claimed the average temperature in 2016 exceeded the previous year by 0.07 degrees; NASA, with equal confidence, claimed the difference is 0.22 degrees. Their claims for accuracy are unbelievable.

The only way to extrapolate a finite number of readings to the global temperature is to manipulate the data. There are so many assumptions that need to be made in that manipulation that I doubt they are within several degrees of the truth, yet they claim to be accurate to a few hundredths of a degree.

Based on misleading data in the article (and the equally misleading “data” from the global warming establishment), I conclude someone is trying to get me to agree with their man-made global warming claims, without plausible data to support their claims.

Thomas Standard, Sumner

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