This is in response to Mary Jane Newell (letter, Jan. 24). She may have missed her point when she stated that “Democrats are hypocrites. They are hateful, mean, nasty people and have no conscience or even a speck of decency.” She should try a different tact if she wants to convince Democrats to come around to her point of view.

Here is how she should have worded it: Democrats, you don’t live in our world and you have never “walked a mile in our shoes.” We live in the land of Oz, which is totally governed by our lollipop Republican guild. We take great offense when you try to expose our great leader, the wizard, by bringing up all these facts of Russians, tax returns and the wizard’s business empire. To that, we simply say “Rubbish! Your facts have no power here.” After all, we believe in “alternative facts,” which is our decree, handed down through generations.

We feel great pride in our leader, who has promised us courage, hearts and brains. Yes, we do realize that even he can’t deliver on all his promises, so we will settle for the first two.

I can’t believe you Democrats would try to deny us our fantasy so soon. The least you could do is to wait four years.

So, I am warning you Democrats, step away from the stage — and let go of that curtain.

Yvon Bourgault, Jay

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