Some people are saying that people in the USA are being ruled by a despot, a hater, an ignorer of laws, a cheater at business and a liar — all criteria that describe a narcissist.

Psychiatrists, writing for the New York Times, have diagnosed Donald Trump with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

People with NPD may appear boastful, or look down on others as inferior. They may insist on having the best of everything and expect to be viewed as superior even without the necessary achievements.

This country may be in for unimaginable trouble. Trump’s waves of action and reaction will depend daily on how he translates his position as president. Did he show the world that his inauguration was larger than Barack Obama’s? Did he pick powerful men for his cabinet (a powerful man cannot have little-known advisors)? Did he pick the right friend in Vladimir Putin, an ex-member of the KGB, a man responsible for the capture and deaths of many people.

Consider his fortune — on his own admission — built by cutting deals, code for, “I never pay the full cost. People take me to court; I never settle” (except for Trump University; that cost him $25 million). And despite his loud announcement against manufacturing in China, that is exactly where many Trump products are made.

So far, Trump has exhibited many of the above described characteristics. I have not yet seen the careful deliberative thinking preceding actions that develop trust and security.

Jenny Orr, Norway

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