I attended the recent presentation at the Franco Center of One LA, the recommendations from the professional consultants and local citizen groups of the Joint Charter Commission on how Auburn and Lewiston can come together to become a greater community as one.

I was born in Lewiston and have lived in these Twin Cities my whole life. I chose to raise my family here and have lived in the same home in downtown Auburn for the past 42 years. I love this community and am not fearful that the city will lose its identity if the voters decide to unify; that identity will become stronger and clearer.

With a louder voice within Maine, the consolidated city would be able to leverage more resources from the state and regain respect and status as an epicenter, which the area once was.

I am tired of Lewiston and Auburn getting passed by and looked down upon — mainly because the cities seem disjointed. The cities used to work together more productively but, recently, discord is evident and weakens the cities’ position on joint efforts. For example, Auburn’s recent withdrawal in joint funding of agencies such as L/A Arts, LAEGC and its attempts to withdraw from the passenger rail study.

When the cities compete against each other, both cities lose. We are stronger as one.

Doris Russell, Auburn

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