Concerning immigrants, it is my belief that President Donald Trump wants to let in only those who will be an asset to the U.S., not criminals or parasites to society, living on welfare forever. We already have veterans and the homeless. Who worries about them? They are the citizens who need public aid. It seems as if the immigrants get more aid and charity than long-term residents.

Those judges, lawyers and others who seek to defy Trump’s executive ban — are they ready to help the immigrants who would be let in? Will they pay the rent, provide food, clothing and furnishings for housing? Will they pay for the utilities? Or will they let the taxpayers supply the help those immigrants will need?

Talk is easy; action is better.

The country’s jails are full of people needing all kinds of aid. Taxpayers cannot support the whole world.

Those immigrants will need to learn how to survive on their own; learn how to plant crops, how to cook, sew, harvest those crops. They will need a job. Who is going to help them? People already here cannot find work. How will they find work?

Money will come from the taxpayers’ pockets, not the president or senators or representatives. And what will happen to Social Security and Medicare benefits that we worked for, that wages were deducted for?

How will immigrants make it here? Are we all willing to support them? They will need help.

Gabrielle Demoras, Lewiston

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