Auburn is in the battle of its life because of the proposal to merge the cities of Lewiston and Auburn. Does anyone really think it will lower taxes?

Merging the cities of Auburn and Lewiston will not save anyone on taxes. Just look at the cost of the welfare program in Lewiston.

The Charter Commission is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes by saying there are going to be big savings. It is an attempt to make people believe that they know what they are talking about.

People residing in Auburn must stand and be proud of who they are. Auburn officials have worked hard to keep Auburn’s education system at a higher level than that in Lewiston. Auburn’s welfare budget is less than half of that of Lewiston.

Citizens of Auburn are not ready to be taken over by the city of Lewiston. I know that the Charter Commission is saying that no one is taking over anyone, but Lewiston has a larger population so, essentially, Lewiston would swallow Auburn up without even batting an eye.

Auburn residents must stand together and vote no to stop the merging of the Twin Cities in November. It is one thing to share services, which would save money; but merging the two cities would cost Auburn more in tax dollars, especially once Auburn residents became responsible for paying Lewiston’s rain tax.

Leroy Walker Sr., Auburn

Editor’s note: Leroy Walker Sr. is City Councilor for Auburn’s Ward 5.

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