In recent weeks there have been innumerable well planned political spectacles (not spontaneous uprising) by some called “protests”.

According to Fox News, George Soros, the one who selected Barack Obama as a candidate for the 2008 Democratic election, helped finance both Obama’s and Hillary’s campaigns for presidency, and is also the one who incited these dozens of protests by providing the funds involving millions of dollars.

From the book, “They Fired The First Shot 2012”, this same multi-billionaire globalist, George Soros, was instrumental in the organizing and financing of the liberal and leftist professors from many universities to come together for the Yale Conference in 2005. They re-convened in 2009, and through a coordinated effort, to reorient people to think what they believe the Constitution means to be wrong and over time change the Constitution to mean something else, for the purpose of having a supplemented United States Constitution by 2020 that will be a very radical, left, socialist reinterpreted Constitution.

What have we heard from the media in regards to Soros’s behind the scene involvements, and attempts to deliberately change our Constitution?

Thank God for our conservative Republican Party that thrives to uphold our Constitution and the dignity of higher morals for our precious society.

Ben Franklin was asked what kind of government the founders had created. “A Republic, if you can keep it.” he responded. “By the grace of God, we will not only keep our republic and preserve our freedom but also embrace it for those following us and for all humanity.”

Neil Bourgoin, Jay

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