I just read the article “So, you found your mailbox yet?” in the Sun Journal, Feb. 26. It was about plow trucks taking out mailboxes. The story also mentioned how the USPS wants 15 feet of clearance before and after every standing mailbox in order to deliver. Yet, people feel it is OK not to clear a path to their oil tank fill pipe.

Most oil delivery people go out of their way to deliver to the elderly, which, at times this winter, meant walking through waist deep snow, sometimes for more than 50 feet to the fill pipe, dragging the hose behind them. It is hard enough just to walk through snow that deep; try walking through it for 50 feet or more dragging the hose.

Speaking for all oil delivery people, we really appreciate it when customers make a path to the fill pipe. Thanks and stay warm. With a path, you will.

Thomas Dodge, Lewiston

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