I am very concerned about the ongoing disclosures of contact with the Russian government by members of the Donald Trump campaign and now in his administration. First, Gen. John Kelly and now Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, have admitted to communication with members of the Russian government.

Sessions lied, under oath, during his nomination process. Sen. Susan Collins not only supported his nomination but she also introduced him before the Senate Judiciary Committee, saying that Sessions was “a decent, honorable, patriotic individual.”

Sessions’ recent disclosures tell me that he, as the U.S. Attorney General, has none of those qualities. In light of those disclosures, I believe he should resign, not just recuse himself from investigations surrounding Russia’s interference in America’s election.

In addition, I believe it is imperative that Sen. Collins now support a full and independent investigation into Sessions’ misleading statements and possible perjuries in testimony about contacts with Russia. The American people deserve an attorney general who can be trusted to tell the truth.

Sen. Collins should show her leadership on that very important issue.

Eileen Fair, Lewiston

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