NEW LONDON, N.H. — Two Maine students have been involved in work leading to Colby-Sawyer College’s recent signing of Second Nature’s Climate Commitment.

Jesse Murch of Waterford and Calum Dixon of Avon are environmental studies and environmental science majors in the Community-Based Research Project class. Murch was one of three students who presented the class’ work to the board of trustees for approval of the signing.

Second Nature is a nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to building a sustainable and positive global future through initiating bold commitments, scaling successful actions, and accelerating innovative solutions among leadership networks in higher education.

The commitment initiates a multiyear process that includes the completion of a baseline resilience assessment, the development of a college-community task force to evaluate those results, and the selection of metrics and benchmarks. The college will also update its Climate Action Plan to incorporate themes that emerge from the college’s strategic planning process, as well as the outcomes of the collaborative resilience work completed by students and local stakeholders this spring.

Theresa Edick, Emily Lopez and Murch said in a joint statement, “It was exciting to have the opportunity to work as a team with fellow students in the major to focus on real-world issues and see how they correlate to us on different scales. The greatest feeling for us all was hearing that the hard work we put into this project was met by our end goal.”

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