STRONG — Selectmen appointed several town officials at their regular meeting on Tuesday, as well as discussed another soon-to-be vacated position.

Ed Adams was hired to fill the Highway Department position vacated by Aaron Marden when he resigned.

School board candidate Jacqueline Sniadecki spoke with selectmen about filling the seat vacated by Loretta Deming. She said she appreciated the opportunity serve, because she knew others before her had served and paid taxes that allowed her to get a good education.

Sniadecki will start attending meetings as the board is preparing the 2017-18 budget deliberations.

She was asked about her thoughts about the balance between impact on taxpayers and the needs of the district.

“We’re not the richest district in the state, so we need to watch every penny,” she said.


Selectmen unanimously approved the appointment of Sniadecki to the school board and she was sworn in by Town Clerk Betsy DuBois.

Selectmen also approved DuBois’ list of this year’s selectmen liaison duties, appointees and elected officials.

Chairman Mike Pond said he intended to remain the Highway Department’s liaison, although the chairman’s duties include supervising the office and related day-to-day administrative duties.

“You can’t do both,” Selectman Dick Worthley said.

Selectmen nominated and elected Worthley as chairman to replace Pond.

Librarian Cheryl McCleery announced she will retire in May, according to Selectman Rodney Cook. Selectmen agreed to advertise in different media outlets until a suitable candidate is found. McCleery will assist with the screening process and training of her replacement.


Selectman Rod Spiller said his Foster Technology and Career Center students would be using their classroom construction training to build a small playhouse for the town park. Students also will help later in the year with other park maintenance work.

Spiller asked selectmen why the ATV club and their trails didn’t receive the same the town support as the snowmobile club.

Much of the problem, the group agreed, was a lack of enthusiastic volunteers. Many of the two clubs’ members are older, and a lot of the heavier work, such as clearing and maintaining trails, had to be done by volunteers.

Selectmen reviewed their proposal to post a Chandler Road road weight limit for 40,000 pounds during a planned Maine Department of Transportation Route 4 road reconstruction project.

Farmington-based Vining & Son is expected to do the contractor work.

Chandler Road resident Gil Reed had asked selectmen to allow Vining’s trucks to unload some of that debris on his land.

Pond said that Reed had decided recently to have only 1,000 yards of fill deposited on his land.

Selectmen will ask him to come to a future meeting before they make any decision about weight limits.

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