My little goose, less than 1 year old, has died.

Rainy tried to lay an egg too soon and it got stuck. Despite taking her to the veterinarian, giving her antibiotics and tenderly caring for her, she died.

I know we could not have done anything more, but I feel so bad. Although I have lost geese to old age and once to a raccoon, this is the first time one has died trying to lay an egg.

She held on for a few days after I took her to the veterinarian, but the damage done was too much.

I have frozen her and will bury her once the ground thaws.

Rainy was one of three goslings who were born last spring. The others, Sunshine and Cloudy, seem to be OK and have not yet tried to lay eggs, thankfully. I hope they continue to hold back until their bodies can handle it.

Whenever I lose a goose, I feel so sad, although I know that loss had nothing to do with me. They are my “babies” and I feel responsible for them.

Rainy was dark and light gray with a little white. Her sister, Cloudy, is similarly colored, and Sunshine is all white, save for a small gray patch on her belly.

Before I brought Rainy into the garage, the other geese surrounded her, trying to understand what was wrong. They knew something wasn’t right. And when I walked to where she was laying and picked her up, none of them fought me. They just watched to see what was going to happen.

Rainy will be in my thoughts.

I know some people think of geese as commodities, but to me, they are my pets as well as a wonderful source of wonderfully delicious eggs.

The other female geese have begun laying, so we have more than enough for our needs as well as for friends.

I hope as the season progresses that all will be well. Geese are just so cute and so fascinating to watch grow from fuzzy goslings to majestic geese.

Eileen Adams has been raising geese for more than a dozen years. She may be reached to [email protected]

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