Once more, the arts are alive and well in Lewiston-Auburn, and I have been enjoying the benefits of living in this area of Maine. There are so many creative choices that one can participate in to feast on throughout the week to weekends. Without the support of the National Endowment of the Arts, something that the current national administration would like to cut, I, and many others, would be unable to share in the array of venues that partially rely on that support.

As an example, recently at Temple Shalom, Michael Alpert, a world renowned musician and storyteller, presented an outstanding performance. People in the audience sang, chanted, danced and reveled in new understandings of Yiddish, Ukrainian history and sounds. Greg Boardman, a local, brilliant musician joined Alpert for a beautiful rendition of Woody Guthries “Deportees.” Part of the evening’s delight was supported by people in attendance and the National Endowment of the Arts.

People need to continue to speak up about what is right and what needs to be changed. I will continue to be speaking out and hope that many others will as well.

Bette Swett-Thibeault, Lewiston

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