Pictured are Front Row (left to right): Harper Cummins, Rowyn Bilodeau, Dylan Jewell, Fiona Violette, Griffin Violette, Logan Austin, Zoey Cote, Bobby Peterson, Ethan Pulk, Evelyn Caron; Second Row: Gage Delano, Max Reblin, Kayla Gauthier, Layla Bazemore, Ian Clavet, Darius Diaz, Ayden Goding, Lisha Luo, Gwendolyn Lacombe, Evan Brousseau; Third Row: Tanner Cummings, Danny Zhang, Andy Luo, Christian Springer, Elijah Fogg, Josh Lampron, Ben Gradwell, Noah Lampron, Jack Caron, Kassidy Cote; Back Row: Laura Jacques, Alex Reblin, Scotty Almquist, Sensei Per Almquist, Sensei Sadie Landry, Sensei Matt Vattaso, Jack Anderson, Millie Kidd.

LEWISTON — Pelletier’s Karate Academy congratulates the students who successfully completed their tests for new belts recently. Students performed physical fitness, empty hand katas and self-defense.

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